Sunday, 21 April 2013

Automatic Trading or Robotic Trading system for NSE Equity, Future & Options, Currency and MCX commodity market.

Automatic  trading or Robot Trading is an automated facility where trading is carried out by algorithms developed  by traders. Instead of the traders manually doing so, it is these robot that determine which orders to buy,sell. 
Robo trading started in India in 2005. But sebi is allowed only in 2008. Today, approximately 16 to 17 per cent of trading on the BSE and NSE is Robotic or algorithmic. but we can expect a rise of 60 to 70 per cent in next 4 years.   

Auto-trading needs for two kinds of skills: strategy or domain knowledge, and computer programming  knowledge. 

We Realsense trading solutions developed Robotic Trading Software plugin for Amibroker Charting software for normal and low frequency trading. This Robotic Trading system is designed for Indian market like NSE, BSE, MCX and NSE Currency Segment.  This Software is very user friendly and 1-2 hrs of training anybody can use it.

Currently its work with Nest, Now and Odin but you can expect more trading terminals in future. 
And also we developed an Amibroker plugin for generating Buy Sell Signals from real time market.

How Its work?
Whenever a buy sell signals triggers in Amibroker plugin, the signal will send to the trading terminal.
as per the SEBI guidelines the user will have to monitor and approve the order before sending to the exchange.  

Robotic Software (without strategy and data feed) :                                            Rs.1500 per month.
Robotic Software (with data feed and strategy):                                                  Rs.5950 per month.

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